Programs Offered

  • - Education Program for Autism, Severely Handicapped, Emotionally Disturbed Students
  • - Educational Counseling and Guidance
  • - Mental Health Programs: Individual & Group Counseling,
      Day Treatment & Extended Therapeutic Day Classes
  • - Credit Recovery Programs
  • - Career/Transition Center/Vocational Education Programs
  • - Life Skills Laboratory
  • - Sensory Integration Laboratory
  • - Fitness Laboratory
  • - Inter-scholastic Sports
  • - Designated Instructional Services: Speech Language and Occupational Therapy
  • - Transportation

Altus Academy offers a variety of educational options and opportunities for our students by providing individualized core based curriculum geared toward a high school diploma or certificate of participation. Altus Academy aligns the school curriculum with the Local Education Agency in which Altus Academy is located, and coordinates with the student's district of residence to ensure successful matriculation. Students participate in physical fitness in our fitness lab and have opportunities to participate in inter-scholastic sports. Our extensive California Standards Based Alternative Life Skills Program offers students, who have difficulty accessing traditional classroom environments, a program designed to develop student skills in the following domains: Functional Academic, Community Service, Vocational, Domestic and Lifetime Leisure Activities. The program utilizes a cottage on campus, where students can participate in all aspects of independent daily living. The Functional Inventory of Critical Skills (FICS) and Brigance Inventories assist in determining the goals and objectives for students. A vocational career center assists students in job preparation and long range goal development. Students participate in activities and experiences inside and outside the classrooms for social, service and vocational endeavors. Non-verbal and autistic students experience classroom and social activities that are facilitated through PECS and TEACCH philosophies.

Services include educationally related Mental Health Services such as an afterschool Day Treatment Program, and an Extended Therapeutic Day Class. Altus Academy provides a variety of Designated Instructional Services which include: Clinical Therapeutic Counseling, Individual and Group Behavioral Counseling, Career Guidance and Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. In addition, Altus has a variety of licensed therapists to provide the necessary behavior, social, emotional and career/transition guidance vital to our students' success. All students participate in a school-wide positive behavior program, individualized behavior support plans and classroom specific plans. Social Skills are embedded in our program and are modeled, taught and reinforced throughout the day by staff, through the direction of our Clinical Team.

Altus Academy provides special education services for students 5 to 22 years of age, identified as needing special education services. Students must have demonstrated a need for early intervention services, qualify for special education services, have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and are funded through their Local Education Agency (LEA). Students at Altus Academy are referred by the local school districts. They have an Individual Education Plan, or are in need of intervention or prevention educational, behavioral or mental health services. Students, who have demonstrated the ability to function academically, socially and behaviorally appropriate are recommended for return to the public school of residence. When determined by the IEP team, the student will return to the public school for all or part of the school day.