Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll my child in your school?
Student must be a special education student with an IEP and be referred to Altus Academy by his/her district of residence.

My son/daughter is acting out at school and keeps getting suspended; can Altus Academy help me with his/her behavior?
Altus Academy offers extensive behavior intervention and support for students; these services are for Special Education Students

How much does it cost to go to school at Altus Academy?
Altus Academy is funded directly through funds received by the school district referring the student.

What is a Non-Public School? Are you a “real” school?
Altus Academy is a non public school that is certified by the California Department of Education, funded directly from the State through local districts and provides special education services for students whose educational needs cannot be met by the local school district.

How long does my student have to be at Altus Academy?
It is the goal of Altus Academy to work with the student, parents and district to identify and remediate educational areas of performance, thus enabling the student to re-enter the public school or a less restrictive educational environment.

What types of disabilities do the students have attending Altus Academy?
Altus Academy has specialized programs for Severely Handicapped, Developmentally Delayed, and Emotionally Disturbed students. Our programs offer high adult to student ratios and individualized instruction, often not available in their local districts.

Where do your teachers come from? Are they trained?
Altus Academy employs Special Education teachers credentialed by the State of California Teaching Commission.

Teachers come to us from public school districts and universities. The teachers receive the same training as all other Special Education teachers. In addition, Altus Academy also provides additional and ongoing specialized teacher training opportunities for behavior management and disability specific areas.

What do you teach at Altus Academy?
Altus Academy follows the local school district’s curriculum, which meets or exceeds the California Common Core Standards. Student IEPs are followed and adapted to meet individual needs so the student may focus on receiving a Diploma or Certificate of Completion from high school.

Can my student graduate?
Most definitely yes!! Students, who satisfactorily complete their secondary education at Altus Academy, will graduate with their home school district’s diploma. However, it is the goal for students attending Altus Academy to successfully transition back to their home school prior to graduating.

My student has mental health needs. Does Altus Academy provide therapy?
Altus Academy offers counseling services, as well as additional multi-tiered interventions to assist the student in accessing his/her education and for the student to remain in a least restrictive environment.